3 of Your Biggest Flatwork Woes, with Silva Martin

3 of Your Biggest Flatwork Woes, with Silva Martin

We know, we know… flatwork is so crucial for training and athletic development, but boy can it be frustrating when you’re dealing with an ongoing training or behavioral issue. Good flatwork feels amazing; bad flatwork feels like the longest 45 minutes of your life. 

In this episode, host Caroline Culbertson sits down with grand prix dressage rider and Team USA Nations Cup gold medalist, Silva Martin, to dissect 3 common flatwork woes. Ride horses long enough, and you’ll probably encounter all three. Hooray! 

  1. The horse that jigs at the walk. 
  2. The horse that is stiff in one direction (or easier to bend in one direction). 
  3. The horse that leans on the forehand. 

They discuss how to think about these problems, what is happening biomechanically, what doesn’t work (tempted though we may be), and what exercises to focus on instead. Silva has seen it all, and each of these problems can be improved greatly. There’s hope for us yet! 

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