A Real Life Horse Nerd: Karl Cook

A Real Life Horse Nerd: Karl Cook

After an extraordinarily successful young rider career, Karl Cook wasn't sure what future he really had in the sport. Things were falling apart for him - even though he had tons of show ring experience and a string of great horses. In order to right the ship, he went full horse nerd and started learning everything he possibly could about feeding, riding, training, biomechanics, veterinary care... you name it.

Host Caroline Culbertson sits down with Karl to talk about what this process looked like for him and how there's more to learn than we think or know.


  • Karl teaches Caroline how to taste bourbon (or in her case, wine)
  • He tackles some Equestrian Masterclass member questions - including advice on how to transition into a pro career. Karl's advice is not the cookie cutter advice for this!
  • He manages to relate riding to food - always a win in our book.
  • So much more. Karl's got a great sense of humor and this is such a fun chat to listen to. 

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