Birth, Body Image, & the Unknown: Being a Pregnant Rider

Birth, Body Image, & the Unknown: Being a Pregnant Rider

Being a pregnant person is a wild ride. Being a pregnant adult amateur rider while trying to navigate riding/horses, your career and how it will be affected by maternity leave, and doing it during a pandemic? 

It's a lot. 

Host Caroline Culbertson is joined by guest Kate O'Hara to discuss the physical, mental, and emotional parts of this very delicate, exciting, and confusing time in life. 

In this episode, they discuss their personal journeys with: 

  • Navigating the decision of whether or not to continue riding during pregnancy (and the opinions of other people on this topic) 
  • Planning around birth, postpartum, and a return to the saddle
  • Body image during pregnancy
  • All of the big emotions and uncertainty that come during pregnancy and as first-time moms

And yes, there is also an “after the birth” follow-up episode coming! 

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