Changing Your Goals, Finding A New Horse, And “My-Horse-Itis” With Chelsea Canedy

Changing Your Goals, Finding A New Horse, And “My-Horse-Itis” With Chelsea Canedy

You’ve just left the barn after another frustrating lesson, and you don’t know what to do. You know that your horse is more than capable of achieving the goals you’ve set for your riding, but in your heart, you also don’t feel like your horse is having fun in the process. How do you go about deciding when it’s time for a new direction for both you and your horse? What are the feelings that come up during the process, and once the decision is made, how do you move forward with a new partnership?  

In our latest Equestrian Voices episode, host Caroline Culbertson sits down with Equestrian Masterclass instructor Chelsea Canedy to talk about all of this and more, as Chelsea shares her first hand experience of selling her long time partner, Albert, and transitioning to a new (and very different) mare, Lila. They also discuss: 

  • Evaluating your goals as a rider

  • Deciding whether or not those goals line up what your horse enjoys doing

  • Getting a handle on your ego as it relates to your partnership with a horse (new or otherwise)

  • Finding your own, unique joy as a rider

  • Integrating a new horse into your life

  • The emotions wrapped up in purchasing a new horse, and selling an old one

If this episode resonates with you, Chelsea Canedy has a new Equestrian Masterclass training program available now that walks you through the first 30 days with a new horse, or gives you tools for a "relationship reset". Go to to purchase the bundle for $27.

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