The Student/Trainer Relationship: It's Complicated

The Student/Trainer Relationship: It's Complicated

The trainer/student relationship is perhaps the most important relationship you'll have in horse sport (besides the one with your horse). 

Host Caroline Culbertson sits down with equestrian and sport psychologist, Dr. Jenny Susser, to help us understand the complexities of this multidimensional match and how it can completely shape your experience, success, enjoyment, and confidence in riding. Whether you're a pro, an amateur, or completely new to riding, this episode is for you. 

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In this episode, we talk about:
  • How the trainer you want, the trainer you need, and the trainer you have might be 3 different people.
  • Advice for professional riders with troublesome clients in their barn.
  • How to know if you're with the wrong trainer, or if you're just communicating poorly with the one you have.
  • Lots more... it's a deep dive episode!