Grief in the Horse World (Part 1): Why Does This Hurt So Badly?

Grief in the Horse World (Part 1): Why Does This Hurt So Badly?

If you’re in the horse world long enough, you’ll see or experience many, many different types of grief and loss. It’s an innate part of existing in a community, as equestrians do, and it’s an inevitable part of loving these animals who are very good at finding traumatic and expensive ways to injure themselves or die. 

And yet, we haven’t gotten that good at talking about our grief. Most of us also lack the tools to support our friends and loved ones through their grief journeys, too – not for lack of intent, but for lack of understanding and fear of the uncomfortable moments. 

In Part 1 of this 2-part episode, host Caroline Culbertson sits down with Dr. Jenny Susser to break down what is happening inside our brains and our bodies when we experience grief. 

They discuss: 

  • What grief, as a human process, actually is. What’s happening that makes us feel the way we feel after a loss? 
  • 2 things to DO while you grieve
  • Why grief can take place after events besides death and loss. 
  • How do we find closure in grief? How long will it take? 
  • Why it’s important to laugh during your grief
  • Why the first year of grief is often the most challenging

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