Natural Horsemanship, Meet Practical Rider

Natural Horsemanship, Meet Practical Rider

When we learn to ride as children or as adults, we learn to do just that: ride. But when do we learn how to understand our horse's behavior? Why he does what he does? How he views the world and what we're asking of him? 

After all, wouldn't that make riding a heck of a lot easier?

Host Caroline Culbertson sits down with Tik Maynard, who has made a career out of marrying competitive riding with groundwork as an avenue to gaining a deeper understanding about the inner workings of the horse's mind. It has made him more successful (even with the most complicated horses), more patient, and most of all, more fulfilled in his work. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Why groundwork is the key to gaining a deeper understanding for your horse, which will help greatly in your ridden training. 
  • Why this isn't included in the standard curriculum for riders. 
  • How you can apply this to your own program without dedicating an overwhelming amount of time to it. 
  • Lots more... it's a deep dive episode!

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