Rewind the Year With Us! 5 Favorite Moments of EV from 2023

Rewind the Year With Us! 5 Favorite Moments of EV from 2023

It was a record-breaking year for Equestrian Voices, as we won two more awards (W3 Awards) and topped the Goodpods chart. We couldn’t have done it without you, our listeners! From the entire EV team - THANK YOU.

To celebrate this remarkable year, host Caroline Culbertson is rewinding 5 favorite moments of the pod in 2023 with colleague and longtime media friend, Sally Spickard.

Many of you will already know Sally Spickard–you’ve definitely read her content before. Sally has written over 4000 equestrian articles, currently produces Equestrian Masterclasses for NOELLE FLOYD, and is the co-publisher of Eventing Nation.

Sally and Caroline are breaking down our most memorable moments in 2023, including:

  • How more equestrians can embody athletic identities to match the fitness expectations we have for our horses
  • How we can merge honoring our horses’ best selves with our own ambitions
  • What it means to be confident in the saddle, and how self-awareness and self-dialogue can get you there
  • How we can begin to repair our relationships with our horses and with ourselves

Listening to this recap will ensure you don’t miss some of the most powerful, transformative moments of the year. Not only can these clips uplevel your riding, but they can enhance the way you relate to your horse, yourself and the sport.