Supplements: Worth the Money? Do the Horses Need ‘Em?

Supplements: Worth the Money? Do the Horses Need ‘Em?

It has become pretty much the norm to keep our horses on supplements, especially if we ride them. But so many of us are clicking the checkout button on a supplement with little more than a hope and a prayer that it does something for our horse, and proves to be worth the money. 

There’s so much marketing to wade through with equine supplements that it’s hard to determine what’s legit and what isn’t. So often we feel like more is better, so more supplements and nutrients must be better for our horses, right? (Unfortunately, nope!) 

The good news is that this episode will help you wade through the mass of information and possibly - even probably - save yourself a good amount of money in the process. 

Dr Jyme Nichols is a certified Professional Animal Scientist in the Equine discipline through American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. She joins host, Caroline Culbertson, to tackle four big thinking points when it comes to navigating supplements for your horse: 

  1. How to make an informed decision on whether or not your horse needs supplements, even if you’re not an equine nutrition expert. 
  2. Ulcer/digestive supplements - do they work? 
  3. What’s the evidence behind calming supplements?
  4. Why hay analysis may be the most important part of this puzzle. 

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