Evolve Your Student/Trainer Relationship, with Annette Paterakis

Evolve Your Student/Trainer Relationship, with Annette Paterakis

Thinking about all the ways our sport needs to evolve can be overwhelming. When there are so many organizations, individuals, and stakeholders we want to inspire change in. However, evolving the sport doesn’t need to start at the top. It can start with you right now; with your mindset as a rider or trainer.

Annette Paterakis is a mindset coach for equestrians and the author of “Winning Habits – How Elite Equestrians Master the Mental Game.” Annette helps all levels of riders, including Olympians, build confident, consistent, and powerful mindsets and behaviors. 

In this episode, Annette and host Caroline speak about the student-trainer relationship and how introspection and vulnerability can move us closer to our goals. They also dive into:

  • The mental difference between top riders and everyday equestrians (spoiler alert: it’s not as much as you might think!)

  • What is the student’s responsibility, and what is the trainer’s

  • Practical tips for getting the most out of the student/trainer relationship (whether you’re the student or the trainer). 

  • How the relationship should shift from ‘parent/child’ model, to ‘adult/adult’ and become more reciprocal

  • Our most important responsibility as riders

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