The Barefoot Vs. Shod Debate with Rich Affonso

The Barefoot Vs. Shod Debate with Rich Affonso

We’re taking on a spicy topic this week! (But why is this such a heated debate? We’ll get to that, too!)

If horses are born without shoes, why do they need them? Are we disrupting their natural gait/growth/biology by putting shoes on them, or are we actually helping them cope with their lifestyle and demands by nailing some steel on their feet? 

Rich Affonso is a seasoned farrier and Equestrian Masterclass instructor who has worked for decades on horses of all disciplines, from working ranch horses, to fancy dressage horses, and everything in between. You name it, he’s probably seen it.  He’s also done his own research into why barefoot 

With host Caroline Culbertson, Rich dives into: 

  • Why do folks like to argue about this topic so much? 
  • What is barefoot trimming versus regular trimming? 
  • If you’re going to try going barefoot, what do you need to know about the transition?
  • What supplements/hoof topicals are useful? 
  • Will we see more unshod horses after Peder Fredericsen’s performance with All In at Tokyo Olympics last summer?
  • What about shod up front, barefoot behind?
  • And more… 

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