The Horse Market Is Bananas. Let's Discuss (with Hope Glynn).

The Horse Market Is Bananas. Let's Discuss (with Hope Glynn).

By all accounts, the horse market today is unlike one we’ve seen before. It’s a big double edged sword that requires some special consideration and a good dose of savvy to navigate smartly. It also requires being comfortable with talking frankly about money, which we’re going to do in this episode. 

To guide us through these often intimidating waters, we have one of the most well-known hunter/jumper and equitation trainers and judges in the U.S.: Hope Glynn. Hope has decades of experience buying and selling horses and serving as an agent for riders who are looking for their next equine partner which is now her primary business with Hope, LLC. 

Whether you’re currently buying or selling, or just hearing friends’ stories about their experiences, this episode is a FASCINATING listen because it’s jam-packed with reflections about how our sport exists in the world today, what’s driving our industry, and even a few truths that can be difficult to hear, but need to be said.  

Hope and host Caroline Culbertson discuss: 

  • Expenses to plan on incurring during the process and the ‘why’ behind them
  • How to choose the people who will help you in horse shopping (and why you shouldn’t try to go it alone) 
  • How the current market is unlike one we’ve seen in recent memory
  • Price: fair or unfair?
  • Current trends around horse prices in the hunter, jumper and equitation rings.
  • How to ask questions and keep your relationships healthy 
  • The trainer’s role in your buying journey 
  • The power of paperwork: vet records, trials and contracts

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