We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends: Equestrians Are Doing Their Part To Support The California Wildfire Victims

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends: Equestrians Are Doing Their Part To Support The California Wildfire Victims

There are few things that are as quintessentially “winter” as lighting your favorite seasonal candle and filling a room with comforting scents on a cold evening. Scents like fresh pine, clove, cinnamon, and a slow burning fire.

The Campfire Story Candle from Equestrian Wellness is that snug cabin smell that riders like you, me, Kasey Perry-Glass, and Karen Polle reach for during the colder months.

Winter riding can be rough. Find out how three top riders de-stress, stay fit, and enjoy the season.

But as much comfort a cozy lit fire brings, the smell of smoke can bring back daunting memories in light of recent events in California. We can never forget that fires are a large source of dread and hardship for some.

The Hill, Camp, and Woosley fires have caused incredible amounts of destruction across the state of California. Thousands of acres of forests, homes, and farms have been erased, leaving thousands more people and animals displaced and heartbroken.

In the wake of such natural disasters, there’s a capacity for compassion among animal lovers that bonds us together and is exhibited in some of the most generous displays of assistance and support.

The community rallied to help California wildfire evacuees last November, including coming together to quickly move 70 horses from one farm in danger of burning.

Once news coverage spread of the blazes, there was an immediate response in the form of various GoFundMe pages, volunteer efforts, and donation links.

Like many wanting to help, Equestrian Wellness’ Valerie Breslow saw an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the humane societies of Northern and Southern California that coincided with an exciting new product launch.

“It’s been absolutely gut-wrenching for all of us watching the news coverage of these catastrophic fires in California. During these horrific tragedies, my concern always goes towards the beloved animals that are often left abandoned and/or injured with no one to care for them,” Equestrian Wellness posted on their official Facebook Page. “It is because of amazing organizations like the Humane Society that many of us have the opportunity to rescue these beloved pets and give them a second chance at life and love.”

With that said, 100 percent of the proceeds made on every Campfire Story candle [found in our second NF.edit box] sold between November 12, 2018, and Black Friday were sent as donations to the Butte Humane Society in Northern California as well as the Humane Society of Ventura County in Southern California.

Brands like Equestrian Wellness, riders, farm owners, and countless others have set an example of the many ways the equestrian community rallies together and supports each other in times of struggle.

The fires are out, but the fight isn't over. Rebuilding will take time and incredible resources. Every small gesture makes a big impact. Here's how you can help.

Team NF has personal ties to California with team members, friends, and family affected. When we saw what was happening, we knew we wanted to do something to help.

We’ve shared stories through video in hopes of raising awareness and have made donations ourselves, but the support doesn’t stop here and the work’s just begun.

Whether it’s donations, supplies, assisting in transport, rebuilding, or simply being there to listen to a friend; how we show up for one another isn’t based on a blueprint. Caring is connecting and Team NF will continue to help connect the members of the equestrian community to each other in good times and bad.

Photography by Danica Taylor.