Discover Fabbri: Handcrafted Elegance Designed for Performance

Discover Fabbri: Handcrafted Elegance Designed for Performance

Think you have to choose between boots that are beautiful but quickly fall apart and ones that are built tough, but look and feel like medieval torture devices? Think again. Fabbri has created a boot thats stunningly attractive but can also stand up to the rigors of high performance equestrian sport, combining all the elegance of fine Italian craftsmanship with the latest technology for unmatched comfort and performance.

The hallmark of Fabbris impeccable fit is adaptability. With each Fabbri boot, the strong yet supple Italian leather is hand-stitched then combined with a thinner sole that has the feel of an athletic shoe and molds to each riders unique form. Gone are the days of having to choose between boots you have to treat like delicate works of art or ones that leave you wounded for months before they are broken in. With Fabbri you get it all: beauty, comfort, and performance.


These features have made Fabbri the choice for top riders like Adrienne Sternlicht and Lillie Keenan. Olympian Ben Maher also trusts his performance to Fabbri and their nearly 100 years of experience in the art of handcrafting only the finest Italian riding boots.

I absolutely love my Fabbri Boots because of the unbelievable quality – specifically the durability of the boots and their longevity of wear. My boots last longer then any other I’ve tried which is very important when riding and competing as much as I do! The leather is durable but also soft. I am able to wear my boots immediately upon receiving them which is sort of unique! I am very happy to be partnered with Fabbri as I believe they offer a top-of-the-line product!


- Adrienne Sternlicht

I have been wearing my Fabbri boots for many years. The combined comfort and great design make my Fabbri riding boots an essential part of both my competition and everyday riding equipment. I can trust Fabbri for the attention to detail. 
Ben Maher

But the proof is in the ride and we are here to help you step up your game and step into a pair of Fabbri Pro Field boots, now available at You owe it to yourself to feel the difference and never compromise between beauty and performance again.

Photos by Romeo Ghete