8 Gifts the Horse Lover in Your Life Will Actually Use

8 Gifts the Horse Lover in Your Life Will Actually Use

If you’re a spouse, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling, trainer, or friend to a horse-crazy guy or gal who is avidly looking to improve their riding, consider yourself lucky in the gift department. You have the perfect opportunity to show your support for their passion and to give them a Christmas gift that they will actually use.

Whether you’re an active rider yourself, or you don’t know the front end from the back end of a horse, these 8 gifts are surefire ways to delight the equestrian in your life.

1. A gift subscription to Equestrian Masterclass.

Give the gift of education from some of the top trainers in the biz. A year-long subscription to Masterclass is the gift that keeps giving - literally. Every month in 2020, a new course will be launched, and members have access to ALL Masterclass courses (current and upcoming).

Plus, we have a discount for you, holiday shopper! Click here to get 25% off your gift subscription of Masterclass.

2. Rope halter and lunge line.

The basics for establishing good ground work, which is the best way to prepare for successful ridden work! Ian Millar breaks down the ideal lunging setup in his Masterclass, which includes a rope halter placed over a simple snaffle bridle. Check out this rope halter and this lunge line, which would work well together.

3. Books! Some of our favorites:

You can’t go wrong with anything written by Anne Kursinski. Her Riding and Jumping Clinic is a great one to keep at the barn for quick reference after you’ve combed through it. See her books here.

Tik Maynard’s In the Middle Are the Horsemen. A 5-star Amazon review speaks for itself. Tik’s experiences in understanding how horses communicate, learn, and feel will be lessons well learned for any rider looking to understand their horse better. Buy it on Amazon.

Annette Paterakis’ Keep Calm and Enjoy the Ride. This book is for all levels of riders who are looking to manage their nerves and up their game with tried-and-true mental exercises. Annette has coached many top riders and this valuable book lays out her methods in an easy-to-follow structure. Buy it on Amazon.

4. Ringside Grooming Kit

If you’re looking to do more of an assortment-type gift and your beloved equestrian attends competitions or clinics, this gift is a winner. Want extra brownie points? Offer to be their ringside assistant at their next show. Now we’re talkin.

What to include? In a nice grooming bag (like this one), drop in the following:

Clean rags for last minute boot polishing.
Quic Sheen coat polish (Ever wonder how show horses look so shiny? This is how.)
Peppermints for very well-behaved horses, or for begging naughty horses to change their tune.
Soft brush. Perfect for a last minute dusting off before heading into the ring to dazzle the judges.
Hoof polish. Because dirty hooves are never in style.

5. Hoof Pick/Bottle Opener

This one is called the 5 O’clock hoof pick. Multitasking at its finest.

6. Block systems for caveletti

More of a splurge, but a very valuable (arguably essential) training tool. Raised cavaletti are wonderful for training and developing fitness in the horse, and block systems like this one are easy ways to raise cavaletti safely and easily in the ring. Stack them to build jumps. Note: Buying multiples (like 4) is the way to go so that more than one pole can be raised to create an exercise.

7. Soap for Dirty Equestrians

What are two big stress relievers? Warm baths, and laughter. Check out the soaps or the full stress relief kit for your anxious equestrian who is stressed about upcoming lessons, vet bills, and her horse who is threatening to brew a hoof abscess on show day.

8. Air Pods

This is an amazing (and generous) gift for riders who need to listen to a last-minute meditation to get their mind right before getting on their horse, or heading into the show ring. This pairs perfectly with Annette Paterakis’s guided breathing exercises in her Masterclass. Be prepared to spend, as these aren’t cheap, but they’re a truly impressive gift. Buy here.

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