A Rider’s Closet: At Home With Jordan Allen

A Rider’s Closet: At Home With Jordan Allen

Whether inside the competition ring or out on the town, every rider wants to feel good in the clothes she wears. A star fast on the rise in multiple rings, Jordan Allen is a force to be reckoned with. As a teenager living on her own for the first time, Jordan invited us into her apartment in Wellington, Florida, to chat style, lucky charms, and the show shirt she lives — and sleeps! — in.

“My personal style has influenced my riding style. I dress very chill. Unless I’m going out to a fancy dinner I am always very comfortable and prefer sweats or jeans. I wear a lot of Lululemon. My biggest pet peeve is being uncomfortable!

Times have really changed. Riding clothes used to be so uncomfortable, and as soon as I got home I would take them off. Nowadays with all these comfortable clothes, I’ll go out [in riding clothes] and people will tell me they love my pants or love my shirt. I think it’s becoming more and more acceptable and cool to wear them outside the barn. I spend more time in my riding clothes than any other clothes, with starting the days at about 6:00 a.m. and ending them at 6 p.m. Then usually you’re going from the barn to dinner.

I really look up to [my trainer] Emily Smith. She is the most put together, stylish woman. I’ve never seen a hair out of place!

When you’re spending this much time in breeches, they have to be comfortable. I would say Equiline are my favorite breeches. I have the tan, blue grey, and brown colors. They are by far my favorite because they’re so comfortable and durable. In being tall, and not not skinny but not the skinniest, they’re the best for me. I also like Pikeur as well. I cannot wear a low-rise or mid-rise. Only high-rise! Being so tall, my legs are really long and it’s more settling when my pants are higher.

My Hermes belt is my lucky belt, but I try to only use it for big classes because I do believe luck runs out! So I also have a couple Gucci belts, an Equiline belt, and Ruespari belts.

My favorite shirts are Cavalleria Toscana. They are so comfortable, I will — and have — slept in them when I have to wake up super early! During indoors I slept in them all the time! They’re that comfortable; they’re really breathable. I also love Essex Classics. There are so many different varieties.

Show Jacket
Charles Ancona. I got my first coat when I was super young, and now I have four: black, navy, green, and charcoal grey. I use my navy the most doing the equitation. My trainers are very adamant about a traditional look. In the hunters sometimes I use the green. [Charles Ancona jackets] are the most comfortable in my opinion, and if it rains or anything like that you can just throw it in the wash. Who wants to go to the dry cleaners every day?

Samshield. I think they’re the safest and best looking helmets. I just love them and they’re such a great company.

I have a custom Parlanti boot. My legs are really long and different sizes! One foot is a whole size bigger than the other.

Roeckl. I’ve used them since I was super young and also think they’re the most comfortable. I don’t go through them very quickly either. Some gloves you can just go through so quickly as we spend so much time in our gloves. They’re also carried (in a lot of stores) so I love that you can find them at most tack shops and shows.

My necklaces are the most important to me. My mom and dad got them for me about two years ago. One is my cross. I’m not super religious, but it always reminds me that God is with us everywhere we go. My other necklace just reminds me of my parents a lot. They are my best friends, and being down here [in Wellington] alone, or if I’m ever sad or stressed, it just reminds me of them.

I keep a lot of rings on at all times. This bit ring I got three or four years ago, and it always reminds me of the horses. It’s my favorite. For my birthday this year I got my watch. It’s classic and I know I’ll have it forever.

My bracelet my dad got for me at the Hampton Classic last year. For Valentine’s Day this year, my mom got me my other bracelet because I’m forever my mom’s Valentine! I’m an only child, as you can probably tell [laughs].

I am the furthest thing from into makeup! I have no idea what I’m doing. Even mascara. I wish I knew more. My mom is the same way, so I definitely got it from her. It just seems like a waste of time to me [laughs]. I’d rather do something else. I use all Clinique and Burt’s Bees. I do a lot of face masks — probably four times a week. I also love a men’s cologne. I just threw the bottle out, unfortunately, and can’t remember the name. Mainly I just prioritize washing my face. People don’t realize how dirty you get riding and also riding the dirt bike around!

I’m scared to try different glasses! I’m so worried my depth perception will be changed for finding distances and riding. I have had glasses since the first grade; I have terrible vision.

I go to Limitless Performance gym three times a week with my friend Brady Martino. We work with a trainer, Phil, for an hour at 7 p.m. I’ve really noticed a difference in my riding since I started; my core is much stronger.

What can we always find in your purse?
My phone. It’s a bad habit, but I am pretty obsessed with my phone and social media.

Still looking for the perfect ...
Sports bra! Especially in the equitation.”

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This article was originally published on July 14, 2019. 

Photos by Kate Metzner for NoelleFloyd.com.