A Spectator's Guide to WEG

A Spectator's Guide to WEG

The most exciting event of the year (save for the day Target puts out their Halloween candy) is almost upon us: the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

Whether you’re traveling to North Carolina to catch the action in person, or watching it from the comfort of your own couch, it’s safe to say that some spectating guidelines are in order.

The lead-up to the Games has not been without it's fair share of drama. Eyebrows were raised after photos surfaced of the housing arrangements for grooms, which has been the subject of much discourse. Officials at Tryon have been scrambling to address the issue in time for tomorrow’s big kick off.

Rumors aren't the only thing swirling: Hurricane Florence is slowly inching her way up the Atlantic, with plans to unleash her recently upgraded Category 4 level winds and rain on Virginia and the Carolinas later this week. Though the official word from Tryon is that the event should be far west enough to avoid any major damage, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has already declared a State of Emergency.

Despite the weather and the lack of housing, the show must go on - or at least, we hope so!

First thing’s first. It's a jam-packed thirteen days, with two off-days and 11 days of actual competition, so let's take a peek at the schedule.


  • Wednesday, September 12: Team Competition/Individual Qualifier (Grand Prix)
  • Thursday, September 13: Team Medals/Individual Qualifier (Grand Prix)
  • Friday, September 14: Individual Competition Medals (Grand Prix Special)
  • Sunday, September 16: Individual Competition Medals (Grand Prix Freestyle)


  • Thursday, September 13: Team/Individual Competition (Dressage)
  • Friday, September 14: Team/Individual Competition (Dressage)
  • Saturday, September 15: Team/Individual Competition (Cross Country)
  • Sunday, September 16: Team/Individual Medals (Show Jumping)

Show Jumping

  • Wednesday, September 19: Team Competition/Individual Round 1
  • Thursday, September 20: Team Competition/Individual Qualifier
  • Friday, September 21: Team Medals
  • Sunday, September 23: Individual Medals

Got all that? Luckily for equestrians staying home with a robust cable package, NBC Sports will be broadcasting from the hills of Mill Spring, NC and will air most events LIVE. Yes, you read that correctly. Live. You don't even need to put on pants!

You do, however, need to wear pants if you'll be seated at the Tryon International Equestrian Center, and for you lucky souls, I recommend something warm and waterproof. Hurricane Flo might put a damper on your viewing pleasure. Get it? DAMPer?

Bring ponchos, your best pair of water skis, perhaps a small boat—it might be a wet one, folks. In all reality, know that umbrellas are not allowed, so pack a good raincoat and boots. For the latest weather updates, text WEG2018 to 888777 to stay in the know.

The opening ceremonies will kick off tomorrow evening, with Laura Graves—the closest thing America has to royalty—bearing Old Glory for the United States team. We're on the edge of our seats and can't wait to see how things play out.

Stay safe, stay dry(ish), and cheer as loud as you can. WEG is here!

Feature photo by Meghan Basco