A Year In Photos: The Best NF.insider Moments of 2018

A Year In Photos: The Best NF.insider Moments of 2018

When it comes to photos, we all know they say more than words (one thousand, to be exact). 2018 was a monumental year for horse sport, and the photos have told the stories of the riders, horses, and moments that words alone simply can't do justice. As we kick off the new year, we're looking back on the top ten photos from the inaugural year of NF.insider – those up close and personal few seconds where something special was captured through the lens.

Reflecting on the past few months is the perfect way to get clearer on where we're going: our mission for 2019 (and beyond) is to evolve and adapt NF.insider to be the ultimate destination for education, intimate conversations, and unparalleled inside access. We're listening to what you want, what you love, what you hate – and we're changing accordingly.

This year NF.insider embarks with a clear focus on value for your life with horses both in and out of the saddle. From in-depth educational series with leading experts on mental skills, mindset, and training to one of a kind digital clinics with the world's top coaches. From up close and personal 'what it felt like' articles penned by top riders to regular Q&A columns where they answer your questions directly. From live streaming videos behind the scenes at shows to 'two truths and a lie' with your favorite athletes in the private Facebook group, NF.insider is stepping into its next evolution: one where we craft every single piece of content just for you.

Today, it's time to celebrate the moments that made 2018 great:

1. Simone Blum becomes the second woman to ever win an individual show jumping world championship, and the first female to win in the World Equestrian Games format. The OG, Gail Greenough, who made history in 1986, weighs in on Simone's big win and the buzz surrounding the 'first female' accolades.

Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

2. Laura Graves becomes the first U.S. dressage rider to rank number one in the world. Laura gets personal with Amber Heintzberger on what it took to take her partnership with 'Diddy' to the top spot.

Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

3. Adrienne Sternlicht relaxes at home with her horse of a lifetime, Cristalline, just a few short weeks after riding on the gold medal-winning NetJets U.S. Show Jumping Team at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina. Adrienne goes deep about her partnership with her incredible mare, learning under McLain Ward, and finding her own path.

Photo by Dani Maczynski.

4. Mike Smith and Justify win the Triple Crown. The 52-year-old jockey sits down with us to talk what it takes to reach the pinnacle of a career, his unique bond with Justify, and how this journey has changed his life.

Photo by Mike Lizzi.

5. Ashlee Bond reaches new heights with Chela LS. She gets personal, telling her story of how she nearly never rode again, before rekindling her passion for horses and finding her own unique way in the world of horse sport.

Photo by Henry Recinos.

6. Tik Maynard publishes his first book and brings his teachings to NF.insiders with an in-depth look at the importance of developing a true relationship with the horses we ride.

Photo by Kathy Russell.

7. VDL Stud becomes a household name, producing some of the best horses in the game. Riders of VDL horses talk about what makes them the best of the best, and we go beneath the surface to discover how VDL Stud became the prolific breeding program it is today.

Photo courtesy of Noëlle Floyd.

8. Eugenio Garza Perez climbs his way up the ranks, becoming part of the underdog story of the year when Team Mexico won the Nations Cup in Dublin for the first time ever, competing for the Aga Khan trophy for the first time in 37 years. We visited Eugenio at home to see what life is like on the farm.

Photo by Kaitlyn Karssen.

9. Irenice Horta makes a serious impression on the World Equestrian Games crowd as the fan favorite, and an even bigger impression on Italian rider Lorenzo de Luca, who competed the mare only five times before taking on WEG. She was sold shortly after the world games to Ireland's Cian O'Connor, but Lorenzo still calls her 'the best horse he ever rode'.

Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

10. The Willowdale Steeplechase brings old traditions back to the forefront, creating the most picturesque olde English dreamland we've ever seen (on America's East Coast). We get transported back in time with this stunning photo story.

Photo by Dani Maczynski.

Happy New Year NF.insiders!

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