Become a More Resilient Rider - and Human

Become a More Resilient Rider - and Human

Responding and adapting to challenges in this sport is not optional - it's necessary. Life with horses comes with bumps and bruises, both literally and figuratively, and to learn and grow (or, at minimum, stay afloat), we have to have resilience

If you talk with anyone at the top of their field - business, sports, you name it - the common denominator among those individuals is likely resilience. It's the ability to know your "why" so deeply, that each time you fail or get knocked off your trajectory, you're able to wake up the next day and keep chasing the goal anyway. 

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We've teamed up with Sport and Performance Psychologist (and equestrian) by Darby Bonomi, PhD to create a free 4-week webinar series to help equestrians develop more resilience. 

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What does this webinar series include? 

One live webinar a week beginning February 1st 2021, with weekly "homework" to help ingrain each lesson into habit. Join your fellow resilience-seeking riders in a private Facebook group where you can chat, share your goals and learnings, and ask Dr. Darby questions directly. 

Week 1: The Foundation.

Understanding resilience and its building blocks. Defining what it means to you and how to apply it in riding and life.

Week 2: The Building Blocks of Resilience.

Using a sense of perspective, honing your "why", and creating a long term plan, to help you recover and bounce back in tough times.

Week 3: Personal Qualities and Skills of Resilient People.

Understanding the key traits and skills that resilient people share, and how to develop these in yourself.

Week 4: Resilient Athletes: What it Takes to Develop and Maintain Resilience.

Building on week 3, how to develop the skills, traits and use micro-recovery and macro-recovery to become resilient and stay resilient. 

This webinar is filling up quickly! Sign up here to save your seat. 

See you on Feb. 1! 

Feature photo by Shannon Brinkman.