Building a Future: Piggy French's Secrets to Training the Five-Year-Old Horse

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n the final installment of Piggy French's guide to developing the young event horse, Piggy - one of the most well-respected names in the eventing community - spills her secrets to setting up the five-year-old horse for a long, successful future. If you missed her tips on selecting and starting three-year-olds and developing four-year-olds, be sure to catch up on your reading before diving in.

The Five-Year-Old

We sometimes keep the five-year-olds in work over the winter – we are at home much more so they can benefit from your time a great deal at this stage. November and December in the UK is often a good time to get on the grass and do plenty of cross-country schooling on nice ground. If they are left until January or February, you can easily get caught out by the weather.