Double H Farm Voted 2018 Owner of the Year

Double H Farm Voted 2018 Owner of the Year

Being an owner in the equestrian industry is about more than providing financial support. It's an emotional investment in an athlete's journey. It's riding the highs and lows, celebrating achievements, and sometimes going back to the drawing board to find a better path. An owner is a partner in a horse and rider's career, and that's exactly what the Harrison family set out to be from the beginning.

When you think of Double H Farm, what comes to mind are the powerhouse athletes it supports. From big names in sport like McLain Ward and Quentin Judge, to the top show jumping horses they've owned like HH Azur and HH Gigi’s Girl, Double H is an institution that is widely respected. Besides supporting top riders and horses, Double H Farm also sources and sells quality show jumpers and hunters and is priming the next generation through the training and breeding components of the business.

Double H Farm has been ranked in the top five of the USEF Leading Owner Rankings since 2014, and that's based solely on results at U.S. national events. Double H Farm's influence extends far beyond the States; the FEI database boasts multiple pages of horses bearing the famed ‘HH’ prefix.

"Do the right thing," was patriarch Hunter Harrison's mantra. He sadly passed away one year ago, but the family continues to uphold the values he established through a strong foundation of love for the sport and the animals behind it.

The annual Noëlle Floyd Best Of Awards celebrate the horses and riders who soar to great heights, the community leaders who move the needle in the sport, and the extra special moments that define our shared love of horses. For the 2018 NF Awards, we created short lists of extraordinary individuals who stood out to us this year, and then we handed it over to you to determine who is the best of the best. Turning out a record number of votes in NF Awards history, we heard you loud and clear. Now we’re rolling out the red carpet. One by one, we’ll announce the winners of all ten categories between now and the New Year.

Feature photo the Harrison family and Quentin Judge by Erin Gilmore.

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