'I Put a Lot of Value in Intelligence': Erin Characklis' Crash Course on Finding and Developing Young Horses

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ith every new encounter, a first impression is made – that gut feeling or thought that is nearly impossible to undo, and sets the tone for the future of the relationship. That feeling is no different for renowned horse broker, Erin Characklis, when it comes to discovering horses to develop into bright young stars.

American-born Erin made the move across the pond to follow her passion for horse sport over 20 years ago. Now permanently based in Europe, Erin has evolved her career from riding to making a name for herself producing young horses and turning potential into reality – a feat that only a rare few are able to consistently achieve. Erin is working to perfect her craft of spotting talent, developing well-rounded horses, and preparing them for the real world.

By keeping the focus on quality over quantity, Erin is getting her sourcing, brokering, and training formula down to a science. When it comes to learning how to discover, choose, develop, and place talented youngsters, there are few with a better perspective than Erin.