Goodbye, For Now, to Equestrian Voices

Goodbye, For Now, to Equestrian Voices

If you haven't yet heard, our latest episode of Equestrian Voices was also, at least for now, our last. This podcast has been a driving source of meaningful, and sometimes difficult, conversations in the equestrian community, since its launch in January of 2021, and host Caroline Culbertson certainly achieved her original goal of bringing together diverse, expert points of view to discuss a wide range of topics, from the student/trainer relationship to flying lead changes to saddle fit to horse welfare.

Since the announcement, many of you have reached out to let us know how much it's meant to you over the years, and we want to take a moment to share some of the stories and testimonials from its listeners as we wish Caroline all the best while she steps away for a bit to focus on her young children.

Kendra Crossman - "I started riding in 2021 and listening to EV every other Tuesday became a huge part of my journey into the horse world. Caroline is such a gifted host, every episode is truly a case study in how to be an engaged and empathetic listener. I have revisited most episodes, especially the two on processing grief which I listen to whenever I need them. I love how each topic is approached with curiosity without judgement and each guest treated with kindness and dignity, no matter their background or discipline. It has truly opened my eyes to so many aspects of the equestrian space. I am very grateful to Caroline and the many guests she has befriended over the years and wish her the very best."

Rys Richardson - "I loved the Podcast and listened to it all the time. It was so well done. I loved the interviews and all of the ideas."

Allison Bannister -  "This is me and my heart horse - Spike. He passed away last spring, at the age of 22. The Equestrian voices episode on grief, really helped me cope with his sudden and unexpected loss, after 19 years together."

Alissa Porter - "I was so sad to hear this news. I love Equestrian Voices and this last episode is so good. As an R+ dog trainer who incorporates play into all my dog training, I’ve been struggling as I re-enter the horse world and how to incorporate those skills into my horsemanship. So impressed that Tik Maynard went to Chicken Clicker Camp! Thank you for all the wonderful podcasts and best of wishes to Caroline!"

Heather Ann James - "On training days for my young hunter I love to sit on the porch and listen to Caroline’s latest podcast. There have been many times where I’ve had to pause, write down what has been discussed and then re-wind and gather whatever other amazing nuggets to discuss with my trainer after her ride. This podcast will be sorely missed and I hope all the past episodes will remain so I can go back and re-listen again 😊"

Sophie Coffey - "I listened to the Equestrian Voices podcast as soon as it came out in 2021, and I instantly knew there was nothing else like it. Finally, an honest equestrian podcast that wasn't afraid to get into the weeds on real issues facing the industry. I became an instant fan, and it changed my whole outlook on horses after listening to Tik Maynard's first episode. You could even say it changed my life, since after serving as Podcast assistant for 1 year, I joined the NOËLLE FLOYD team full time in 2023. I will deeply miss this podcast, but am so thankful for the conversations it produced and the seeds of change it planted for so many equestrians."

Heather Donovan (not pictured) - "I’m so sad to hear that equestrian voices is coming to an end. I listened to many of them. It was through the podcast that I found Natalie Hummel. I took her course and it completely changed my riding as i no longer let fear and doubt rule me. It was a complete game changer! I am doing things now, I only dreamed about for years. I never would have found Natalie if it had not been for the Equestrian Voices episodes! Please send best wishes to Caroline. She did such a great job getting to the heart of what us ammies really want and need to hear. I’m going to really miss it!"

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