Horse Model or Show Jumper? Lucifer V Makes Us Swoon

Horse Model or Show Jumper? Lucifer V Makes Us Swoon

I’m just going to start off by putting it out there that Jennifer Gates’ Lucifer V, was made by the horse gods. I mean just one look at him and I’m drooling. And with Egypt’s Nayel Nassar aboard, the pair is literally picture perfect.

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Look at those knees – and expression – I just can't.

This past weekend at the LGCT Valkenswaard (Jan Tops' home stable, heyyy!), Nayel and Lucifer placed 2nd in their debut 5* 1.55/1.60m Grand Prix Qualifier together. Despite Lucifer’s mini freakout before heading to the first jump of the Grand Prix later that day – a classic move he makes before strutting his stuff – I’m going to let it slide because he just looks so damn good doing it.

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I mean, who doesn’t love a gelding who acts like a stallion? If this weekend’s result doesn’t get you excited about what the future holds for this gorgeous pair, then I don’t know what will.

Feature photo by Sportfot.