'I Don't Want to Be the Reason Someone Couldn't Be With a Loved One': The Riding Community Shares Tips, Encouragement During COVID-19

'I Don't Want to Be the Reason Someone Couldn't Be With a Loved One': The Riding Community Shares Tips, Encouragement During COVID-19

The uncertainty that hangs in the air is heavy. Every morning, we wake up to a new string of COVID-19 headlines, cancellation announcements from our much-anticipated horse shows, and debates on social media about, well, nearly every aspect of this pandemic.

What we do know is this: the horse community has banded together, time and time again, in the face of adversity, and now is the time to band together (while staying home!) once again. Riders from all different parts of the world, including those in our Masterclass community, are sharing tips for staying sane during social distancing, words of encouragement, and ways to help your fellow equestrian: 

Considering others by resolving to stay home: "I have family and friends who are less healthy than me, who have loved ones compromised by cancer and other diseases. And I do not want to be the reason that someone could not be with their loved one in crisis or worse during their final days because I was at a horse show."

Sharing all of the (super productive!) things you can do during social distancing: Now is the time, if ever there was one, to check some to-do's off your list. Deep clean your tack (at home), sort your tack trunk, polish your bits, etc.  

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Equestrians have been training for social distancing their whole lives!⠀ ⠀ Here are some ideas for things to do while social distancing:⠀ - shop online at small businesses and tack stores⠀ - deep clean your tack⠀ - clip your horses⠀ - tidy out your tack locker⠀ - subscribe to the @noellefloyd MasterClass series⠀ - clean your house like you clean the barn⠀ - stream horse show videos from previous years⠀ - clean your brushes⠀ ...and remember to maintain a distance of 6ft, don't touch your face, and stay at home if you're feeling unwell ⠀ ⠀ Do you have any tips and activities to do during this social isolation? _________________________ 📸 @mackenzie_clark #horse #horsesofinstagram #horses #jumpers #hunterjumpers #dressage #eventing #showjumping #ponies #poniesofinstagram #equestrian #equitation #horsenutrition #horsenutritionist #equinenutrition #equinescience

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A note from us: If you're feeling a bit isolated and want to join our Masterclass community, now is a great time to continue your riding education from home. We've got over 3000 members who are learning from their couches every day, and a supportive Facebook group community to connect you to other riders. Just reach out to us. 

Finding ways to help others, including small businesses, who are set to feel a financial strain. 

Offering some work to those who may find themselves unexpectedly unemployed: 

Our Masterclass community is also finding some positive, fun ways to pass the time. While not everyone can currently go to the barn to see their horse, we loved their tips on ways to stay engaged and positive during a difficult period: 

Reading at home is a great way to keep learning if you're out of the saddle for a bit: "I am a teacher in Massachusetts so I am home, but I am happily going to the barn to help with morning chores. I’m staying away from my barn friends and am washing my hands frequently. The only thing in these lungs is hay and sawdust!" - Kristan 

Trick training to keep your horse's mind engaged if they're not in their regular training program: "It's been crazy in Ohio. All schools and restaurants have been shut down. I will be working from home for the time being. The only thing keeping me sane is I have been continuing my trick training with my horse Monty!" - Heather

Using Masterclass exercises at the barn and scrapbooking: "We’ve been hand walking the horses a lot and I have used some of the games Tik showed us in his (Masterclass) and my horse seems to enjoy them. I also have been staying home and scrapbooking!" - Cathy

We know the barn is your happy place. If you can't be in the saddle right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can still learn with us over in the Masterclass community (over 3000 riders strong!). Check it out here, and stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.