‘I Can't Get Enough!’ Dressage Rider Lauren Chumley Gets Her Kicks on Cross-Country

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y Lauren Chumley with Amber Heintzberger

Professional grand prix dressage rider Lauren Chumley of Pittstown, N.J. spends many weekends competing in eventing, giving herself and her horses a fun “out of the box” experience. Lauren grew up near Cincinnati, Ohio, taking lessons at a local all-around stable and had dreamed of eventing. Every April, her parents let her skip school to volunteer at the Kentucky Three-Day Event. Though she ultimately became a professional dressage rider and has a thriving training, lesson, and import/sales business, Lauren’s passion for eventing persisted. Today, Lauren events several of her dressage horses at the lower levels and has found the experience is not only good for herself, but also the horses’ mental and physical health.

Dressage is my “day job” and I should probably stick with it, but eventing is my hobby and I can’t get enough. Spending five days a week going in circles in the dressage arena is a lot, so one day each week my horses jump and one day they condition. I don’t think their dressage training suffers from getting out of the ring – just the opposite, actually. I find the dressage horses who also event are fitter, sounder, and...