What If You Found Your Equilibrium of Horses and Money?

What If You Found Your Equilibrium of Horses and Money?

If you haven't heard the good news already, NOËLLE FLOYD is teaming up with On Course Equestrian to hold a 30-day life changing intensive, kicking off with a two-day live virtual workshop from October 23-24th to say goodbye to the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety around your finances. We’re calling it:

Horses and Money: The Workshop.

It’s no secret that discussing finances in the equestrian industry is taboo and ironically so, given how expensive the sport is. Feelings of discomfort, guilt, and shame around money are all too common and it’s about time we dial down and make tangible financial resources available in the horse world. Not to mention, the skills and strategies needed when dealing with the emotions and stress that comes with financial realities.

Lucky for you, Equestrian Business Expert, CEO, and Show Jumper, Erin Lane sat down with Horses and Money keynote speaker, Selina Gray to discuss exactly what is to come during the two-day live event. 

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As a leading Financial Empowerment Coach, licensed CPA, and globally recognized financial speaker, Selina is no newbie to breaking down complicated relationships with money. “Emotions and money are living under the surface for some people,” shares Selina as she explains just how critical acknowledging our emotions when it comes to money is. Money is not something that most people feel comfortable sharing with others based on societal pressures. Gaining a better understanding of how our subconscious minds play a role in our ability to push down our emotions rather than process them can play a big part in creating new neural pathways to heal our relationship with money. 

“Emotions hold the potency of how we heal our relationship with money.”

The main objective for this workshop is to provide a safe space for horse people to talk about money. To talk about what scares us. To talk about what keeps us from truly enjoying where we’re at in life. To talk about the shame, guilt, or disappointment we’ve felt as equestrians when it comes to money. A lot of us hold the belief that money is truly a numbers game…and that’s where most of us are wrong. The real work lives beyond the numbers and we must choose curiosity around money if we want to build a better relationship with it.

“Ask yourself, how can I live my life in the richest form?"

In this workshop, Selina shares how she will teach you how to turn down the volume of pressure around money and instead, fill your life with more gratitude and living in the present moment. “I believe there's an equilibrium for all of us in our relationship with money,” tells Selina alongside her announcement that the Horses and Money workshop will most definitely not be your typical financial presentation. 

After this workshop you should expect to be immersed in the realm of money from a totally new perspective. Not only will Selina encourage you to get clear and curious throughout the two-day event, but she will bring tangible case studies to reflect on along with practical ways you can challenge your old ways of thinking and bring major shifts into your life revolving around money. 

“How we choose to spend is a direct reflection of how we choose to love ourselves. There's nothing wrong with loving what you love. It’s giving yourself permission to do it differently and building strategies around it that’s unique to you.” 

Want to learn more about Horses and Money: The Workshop? Head over to this link here to learn more.