Our Top 7 Lightbulb Moments from Equestrian Masterclass Instructors

Our Top 7 Lightbulb Moments from Equestrian Masterclass Instructors

As we wrap up the year and head into 2022, let's reflect on what we've learned, what we've become more curious about, and new ideas that our eyes have been opened to.

Here at NF, our team reflected on the top moments from producing a year of Equestrian Masterclasses and what made us go "Holy #&%^!" or shout a resounding, "Yes!" We hope these moments resonate with you, too. 

Before we dive in, we wanted to let you know that we'll be starting the year with 4 weeks of content focused on beginning the year in a mindful, intentional manner -- both for ourselves and our horses. This will include a series of IG lives available to the public, daily educational + inspirational emails, and a 30-day legging up Training Program for Equestrian Masterclass members.

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1. Karl Cook's Feed Scoop Hack. And that aesthetically pleasing feed board. He also has a zip tie bit hack later in this lesson that we're all using now. 

This clip is from Karl's Masterclass on Strategic Riding.

2. Ian Millar demonstrating how rider balance affects horse balance: 

 This clip is from Ian's second Equestrian Masterclass: Body Control and Feel. 

3. Dr. Paul McClellan on the Pre-Purchase Exam: 

"Pre-purchases are about assessing risk. They're not about valuation; valuation is a marketplace issue. And it's not about warranty of anything. Why is it that you can buy a car and get a warranty, but if you buy a horse, you cannot? The answer lies in one simple differentiation: 

The horse is a complex, adaptive biological system - with the emphasis on the word adaptive. If you don't take care of a horse, you'll very quickly understand the meaning of adaptive..." - From Dr. Paul's Masterclass, A Buyer's Guide to PrePurchase Exams

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4. You need to look in your horse's mouth. Literally. This clip from Dr. Bess Darrow's Masterclass on Bitting & Your Horse's Mouth still has us a little shocked: 

5. When Mette Larsen gave us permission to stop feeling guilty about having our trainer hop on occasionally:

"What was helpful (for my student) was that I got on the horse. This is my point. Don't be afraid to ask your trainer to get on and show you that (putting your leg on) is safe to do. It's worse to get on and be afraid than to ask for help. There's so much help out there. Get help." - From Mette's Masterclass, The Fundamentals of Dressage for All Disciplines

 6. How to tell if your horse is uncomfortable from his tack while tacking up and mounting with Carolyn Cohen. This is from Carolyn's Masterclass on Analyzing Your Horse's Biomechanics: 

7. Martin Fuchs demonstrating how to introduce canter pirouettes to improve your horse's turns on course and ridability. This simple, achievable approach makes us feel like we can all do some version of a canter pirouette. 

This clip is from Martin Fuch's Masterclass, Riding the Turn. 

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