Quiz: Are You a Resilient Rider?

Quiz: Are You a Resilient Rider?

The ability to not only withstand challenges, but leverage them to your improvement, is perhaps one of the most valuable assets you can bring to this sport. 

Horses get hurt and our plans go out the window. We are limited by our bank accounts. We have an off day at a show and feel embarrassed. The ways that this sport and lifestyle challenge are are innumerable. 

Have you ever asked yourself, honestly and truthfully, if you're bringing a resilient mindset to the ring? To other aspects of your life? 

Take our self-assessment quiz and learn a bit about yourself. 

We are doubling down on developing resilient mindsets in 2021. That's why we've teamed up with clinical psychologist (and equestrian) by Darby Bonomi, PhD to create a free 4-week webinar series to help equestrians develop more resilience. 

This series is completely free and begins February 1. Interested? Save your seat here.