Q: I’ve competed up the levels with my superstar mare and we’ve developed a strong partnership along the way. Recently, she got into some trouble and sustained a career-ending injury. Now I am looking for my next prospect and challenge. I’d love to breed my mare. How do I know if it is the right decision for her and for myself? What can I expect?

– Lynn D.

A: Natalie DiBerardinis, Managing Director at Hilltop Farm

Where to Start

The place to start is the evaluation of the mare. What was she like as a riding horse? What was easy for her in sport? Where did she struggle? What are you looking to breed from her? Are you looking to replicate the level that the mare was performing at or do you want to compete higher?

I always say when you’re deciding to breed your mare, you always want to start with asking yourself: If I get a replica of my mare would I still be happy? If the answer to that is no, you need to step back and ask yourself, do I really want to breed this mare? Is she quality enough to breed?

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