The New Noë is a Modern Hub for Horse Sport and Life

The New Noë is a Modern Hub for Horse Sport and Life

We come together, first and foremost, because of horses. However you got here today, getting on a horse for the first time - whether you were five or forty-five - was probably the catalyst that put you on this path. Just like you, we light up over the connection with our equine partners, the feeling of being in the saddle, and watching the world’s greats break new ground. We want to know more, learn more, see more, and feel more. But most of all, we want to connect the diverse, amazing people of this wild world of horse sport - regardless of your discipline, riding level, or where you are in the world.

In a sport rooted so deeply in tradition, it’s sometimes hard to envision what the modern era will look like. We see it pretty clearly: a new evolution of Noëlle Floyd, created for you, influenced by you. Your voice, your wants, your needs. We see open communication, and an all-encompassing brand that feels more like a partnership than a delivery service. We see breaking down the barriers between disciplines, levels, and locale to create a hub and a home for horse sport, where we can celebrate the connection and unite in the journey. It’s about the voices, the experiences, and the expectations for the future.

In other words, it’s time to start a few new traditions.

From putting the most coveted curated items right in your hands, to daily content that feels written just for you, to unlocking behind the scenes looks and exclusive conversations beyond your wildest imagination, it’s much more than a website: it’s your new home. Expanding to cover show jumping, dressage, and eventing (welcome, dressage and event riders!) with a few other disciplines sprinkled in, means that the world you love is about to get a whole lot more interesting. And that’s not the only exciting new twist on the way.

We invite you to get in on the conversation. What you say will shape this space in a very real way. We’ve got big goals, and the only way we can reach them is for you to tell us what you love, what you lust over, and what you downright hate.

So comment below, chat with us on social, or drop us an email. This community is made for you, inspired by you.

Photos Lucio Landa, Meghan Bacso, and Filippo Gabutti