The Reign of the Mature Dressage Horse: Laura Graves, Cathrine Dufour, Helen Langehanenberg on Their Top Mounts

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ports, it seems, place a hefty weight on youth. With youth comes strength, energy, vitality. But there’s also something to be said about the wisdom, skill, and excellence that comes with age. There’s nothing like time to produce the kind of calm confidence that sets the seasoned athlete apart from the young guns. When it comes to the Titans of horse sport, there’s a group of dressage horses proving that the distinction age often trumps the sparkle of youth, especially when it comes to topping the podium on the international stage.

Three top riders in the sport – USA’s Laura Graves, Denmark’s Cathrine Dufour, and Germany’s Helen Langenhenenberg  – are showing the world that their mature partners, four-legged 'dudes' who have 'been there, done that,’ are nowhere near slowing down. On the contrary, it seems like the reign of these skillful gentlemen is just getting started.