The Biggest Mistakes We're Making with Horses (And What to Do Instead): Supergroom Mel Borrego Shares Some Wisdom

by Mel Borrego /

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hese days, Mel Borrego makes a living caring for some of the most elite equine athletes in the world. But while he’s always chosen to spend his time in the company of horses, Mel says he fell into the show jumping world mostly by chance.

“I’ve been [in] the industry since around 1990. I grew up in Colorado and we did rodeo stuff there, and then I worked at a racehorse farm, and then I think I just sort of happened into the show jumping. I’d leave and come back, and leave and come back,” Mel says.

About a decade ago, Mel found a solid position within the world of show jumping, working for Mario and Lisa Deslauriers, taking a grooming job for their daughter, Lucy, who was then just eight years old. “I watched her grow up,” Mel says. “She started in the ponies, and then to the equitation, and now onto the big stuff,” he adds with pride, noting, unprompted, that the up-and-coming rider is “obviously, the nicest kid on the planet.”

Lucky for us, Mel shares his knowledge, know-how, and years of experience as a groom and all around horseman with the NF.insider community, so we can all carry a little bit of Mel...