What Devin Ryan's WEG 2018 Hopeful Eddie Blue is Packing for the Dublin Horse Show

What Devin Ryan's WEG 2018 Hopeful Eddie Blue is Packing for the Dublin Horse Show

Despite the rabbits hopping in and out of the rings and the imposing double ditches, Devin Ryan and his 9-year-old partner, Eddie Blue, made their double clear effort in the FEI Nations Cup at Aachen look like a walk in the park. That’s probably because it essentially was - the pair has been on a roll since they took home second-place honors at their first World Cup Finals in April. Not too shabby for first-timers, eh?

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Named to the U.S. Show Jumping Short List for the 2018 World Equestrian Games, Devin and Eddie just might be representing the United States on the world stage once more this year.

But for now, they’re focused on this weekend’s prestigious Dublin Horse Show, and packing all the essentials.

What’s in Eddie’s suitcase, you ask? One thing we can say for sure: a whole lot of whitening shampoo (but a few other important things too).

1. His barn buddy, Cooper. “He likes company more than anything,” Devin says.

2. “He’ll eat anything, but we do a lot of carrots” shares Devin. “We’re a carrot barn.”

3. Quic Silver. “He’s one of the piggiest grey horses we’ve had. I swear he does it on purpose to get more attention.”

4. A spa set-up fit for a king, with a regimen including regular magnetic blankets, ice boots, and visits from the chiropractor.

5. “He doesn’t like strong bits so I use a really soft rubber pelham on him. “I say it's like a hot dog in his mouth! Soft and flexible.”

6. A CWD classic saddle.

7. His ear bonnet. “It keeps the hairs from tickling his ears.”

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Photos by Thomas Reiner.

Written by Kate Kosnoff

Kate Kosnoff is an equestrian journalist, blogger and photographer. When she isn’t working, Kate can usually be found sipping green tea, scrolling through Twitter, or petting her horses—sometimes a combination of the three. She is based in Indiana and can often be spotted in jumper rings across the Midwest and Florida aboard her strawberry roan, Waffle.