Fear Not the Equestrian Bodysuit! Why You Need One, and How to Wear It the Right Way

Fear Not the Equestrian Bodysuit! Why You Need One, and How to Wear It the Right Way

Let us tell you the tale of the equestrian bodysuit. Do not judge and do not fear. For this is a story of biblical proportions. It begins as such: And the bodysuit shined down upon them, and the riders were afraid. And the bodysuit said unto them, “Fear not, horse people. For behold, I bring you trending-yet-functioning equestrian wear that will bring great joy and comfort for all riders. For unto you is provided this day, me, the equestrian bodysuit.”

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And so forth the story of the equestrian bodysuit angel goes. Now, back up a year or two. We will call this BEBA - Before Equestrian Bodysuit Angel appeared ever so gracefully onto the scene. Simple equestrians everywhere were wandering around, living out in grassy show fields nearby, plagued by unsightly, unkept and untucked show shirts, attempting to keep watch over our show turnout. Then, the equestrian bodysuit appeared before us, and the glory of it all shone around us, and holy heck! We were terrified. But I put away my assumptions, my questions, my insecurities, and simply tried the damn things out. Much to my delight, the equestrian bodysuit was everything I ever dreamed it could be. It was heaven. It was Free x Rein.

Free x Rein burst onto the market earlier this year with their collection of classic, functional, oh-so-chic equestrian wear. The flagship of their collection? Well, it is none other than the aforementioned bodysuit.

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Free x Rein bodysuits come equipped with those handy little crotch fasteners, or as they elegantly call them, “thong panties with snap closures”. And no, I am not talking about the fast-fashion bodysuits that DO indeed come with undercarriage snap closure capabilities, but closures that are so ill-placed that with every seated break you take, you are left feeling like you need an inflatable medical donut to ease your troubled womanhood. You see, the Free x Rein equestrian bodysuits are designed with snap closures that sit towards the front of the built-in thong panties. No interfering with daily activities, seated activities, and most importantly, riding.

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Now you know that the equestrian bodysuit exists, thanks to the creation by Free x Rein. And you know, essentially, how it works. But why do you need one, you ask? Let me break it down for you.

1. STYLISH: On the streets, at the barn, out to eat, in the show ring, whatever it may be, the bodysuit does wonders for any outfit. And why? Because it keeps the untuckable tucked, resulting in a polished, classy AF ensemble which comes complete with the perfect silhouette. Take that same look and apply it to your schooling outfit or show outfit, and you’ve just elevated your equestrian #ROOTD to whole new levels.

2. FUNCTIONAL: Now that you are looking oh-so-chic, you have the added bonus of functionality. You’ve said adios to the days of wardrobe malfunctions (aka untucked shirts), but you’ve also said hello to the ease of using the restroom with very little strain. No matter your height or torso length, there is no pulling and no pinching deep down below. Show days are can be stressful enough. Taking a bathroom break at the show or malfunctioning underthings need not add to that stress.

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3. COMFORTABLE: Ain’t nobody got time for uncomfortable clothing duds. Nobody. Especially when in the saddle. So when I got my little hands on the physical bodysuits from Free x Rein, I was blown away with the comfort and level of quality of the fabrics used. Jersey blends, flattering relaxed fit, mesh paneling, breathable 4- way stretch materials and more make these bodysuits some of the most comfortable items in your closet. Your body will thank you.

4. TRANSITIONAL: At Noëlle Floyd, we consider ourselves to be tremendous proponents of making your equestrian-wear dollars go just a little further. Hello, we already spend an arm and a leg on what we wear in the ring. Might as well put it all to good use. The Equestrian Bodysuit from Free x Rein allows just that. Pull off those breeches, put on a pair of trousers and voila! You are office ready. Got a hot date? Ditch the schooling tights post ride, throw on a sexy as hell mini and heels, and off to dating wonderland you go. We just adore the transitional versatility of the bodysuit, not to mention, the void of seasonality. Summer, fall, winter or spring; every season is bodysuit season.

It's time to welcome the eternal power of the bodysuit into our lives. For, in the beginning, there was darkness.

Then came the equestrian bodysuit.

Written by Alli Addison

Rode-before-she-could-walk California girl Alli Addison spends her days in the whirlwind that is kids, husband, career, horses and real life. She favors Cubano-Style lattes, black and white stripes, gel manicures and a good pair of sweatpants. She also continues to ask Santa for a dappled grey jumper, year after year, to no avail.