You Need These 5 Apps To Manage Your Equestrian Life, and You Need Them Now.

You Need These 5 Apps To Manage Your Equestrian Life, and You Need Them Now.

I think it would be a fair statement to say that every horseback riding has a cell phone – not just a simple cell phone, but a smartphone. You know, a tiny super-computer that we carry everywhere and shove in our pocket while riding. With that being said, there are thousands of apps on the iOS and Android market that range from categories such as organization, games, and dare I say, horseback riding? Yes – thank you developer gods for making equestrian apps tailored to our everyday horse needs. Finally, the equestrian world is being included in the app landscape, and the result is pretty great.

Only a few years ago, apps for horse-folk were all but unheard of, but thanks to the technology boom, they’re here to stay (and we're not mad about it).

As new apps are being created, developed, and launched every day, it’s hard to keep up with the Joneses and know everything that’s out there to help our basic day-to-day needs. But as a responsible human being and horse lover, it’s practically my civil duty to share with you the most important, must-have equestrian apps that you will not only enjoy using, but that will benefit your everyday life.

You’re welcome.

1. Horse Riding Tracker

Similar to a human athlete’s Garmin app or Strava app that tracks your workouts using GPS technology, the Horse Riding Tracker uses the GPS on your smartphone to track detailed statistics from your riding session. Data points such as distance and duration are graphed on a satellite map that allows the user to compare past riding sessions and improve each ride. A plus? The Horse Riding Tracker also seamlessly syncs with the iPhone Health app and Apple Watch app (sorry, Android users, not for you). If you're an in-the-ring only type rider, your satellite view might be a little boring, but it's epic for cross-country courses, long hacks, or outdoor workouts.

Find it HERE.

2. FEI RuleApp

There’s no excuse for not knowing the rules anymore, y'all. With the FEI rules at your fingertips, in less than one minute you can search the rule book and find the answer to the question you’ve been dying to know. Unsure of which boots are allowed in the show ring? Look it up. Unsure of the qualification regulations for WEG? Look it up. The FEI Rule Book app gives riders the knowledge they need to know at the touch of their fingertips.

Get it HERE for Apple.

Get it HERE for Google & Android.

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3. The PonyApp

Summed up, the PonyApp is basically a barn manager in your pocket, and possibly my favorite app on the list because it was created by riders, for riders. The app allows riders to track their horses’ daily activities, track expenses, add reminders, and log workouts all with an easy-to-use interface. On top of that, the PonyApp provides the latest horse news, results, and spotlights on various riders from different equine industries. To say the least, you’ve got to experience this app yourself. This is a must-download. (Sorry Android users, there’s a wait-list)

Get it for Apple HERE.

Get on the Google & Android wait-list HERE.

4. Nightwatch

Who alerts you when your horse may be having a health issue at night? If you're looking for an app that will give you some peace-of-mind while you sleep, the NightWatch mobile app paired with the "smart halter" will monitor your horse and alert you to early signs of distress like colic, being cast, and foaling. NightWatch tracks heart rate, respiration activity, motion, posture, and other data points and automatically alerts you with a text, call, or email.

Find it HERE.

Who needs a TV anymore when you have your phone and computer? From a simple touch of your screen, the FEI TV app allows access to hundreds of horse shows from every FEI discipline. A personal favorite of mine when I’m on-the-go or running on the treadmill, the FEI TV app is the ultimate horse show experience for when you’re unable to attend in person. A major plus? Live streaming!

Get it for Apple HERE.

Get it for Google HERE.

So what are you: old school, or app-obsessed? Leave a comment. Start the discussion. We want to know.

Feature image by Kaitlyn Karssen.