‘I’ll Achieve Greater Things’: Fatherhood Advice from Andrew Hoy, Daniel Deusser, and Daniel Bluman

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Published on November 8, 2018


he equestrian community – and the professional world at large – commonly applauds working moms for managing to balance a home and family life with a demanding career. People ask, ’How does she do it?’ The answer usually lies somewhere in the realm of being organized, attentive, prioritizing, and having an invaluable support network. Without a doubt, we’re totally impressed by the moms out there who make it all work.

But what about the dads? Well, they get props, too.

These days the child-rearing roles of father and mother are less clearly defined than the era of stay-at-home-mom tends the household and raises the kids while successful dad brings home the proverbial bacon. I bet you can think of at least one family who has a more modern dynamic – a stay-at-home-dad, for instance, and the mom is the decided breadwinner of the family. Or, maybe they both work full-time and split responsibilities equally, raising their children as a team.