The Future of Horse Sport Is Coming: How Chio Aachen's Michael Mronz Is Leading the Charge

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orse sport is built around tradition – a rich, multi-faceted history runs deep through today’s current iterations of disciplines past. Much of our current-day sport centers around competition, and we still carry the spirit of those traditions through the many customs and practices that have become practically obligatory in and out of the show ring. While honoring tradition is great, there’s something to be said for moving forward, modernizing, and evolving. The former? That is something the equestrian community excels at. The latter? Well, perhaps not so much.

It’s not necessarily that we’re stuck in the past, but we’re certainly not the earliest adopters of modernity, especially when it comes to horse shows. However, there is one man who has made it his personal mission to help the concept of horse showing evolve into the modern age, and do it with style. He’s bringing shows into the age of the blogger and influencer, utilizing social media, fresh concepts, and progressive thinking to create a venue and events that expertly walk the line between the past, present, and future.