When Your Sister Is Your Biggest Fan: How Super-Groom Holly Gorman Supports Team USA's Kasey Perry-Glass

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olly Gorman has not only been grooming for her sister, Kasey Perry-Glass, for eight years, but she's also seen her sister transform her riding and grow a deep partnership with her World Equestrian Games mount, Goerklintgaards Dublet. 

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Kasey and Dublet have become a crucial pair on the United States Dressage Team and just before they headed in for the Grand Prix Special on Friday, we caught up with Holly to chat about her relationship with her sister, Dublet, and why seeing Kasey grow as a rider brings her to tears:

The sister love is real between these two. NF community, do you think you could groom for your sibling, or have your sibling groom for you? 

Feature photo Shannon Brinkman.