Feeling Rusty? Get Savvy About Relieving Joint and Muscle Pain Associated with Riding

Feeling Rusty? Get Savvy About Relieving Joint and Muscle Pain Associated with Riding

Beauty looks different for each of us. And each of us sees beauty differently. We believe that when we lose ourselves in what we do, become fully present to the moment, and connect with something deeper, we radiate a beauty that is both humble and true. This is not about pride, your haircut, or the size of your breeches. Diamonds in the Dirt™ is founded on this basic belief: you. are. beautiful.

Savvy Self-Care

Diamonds in the Dirt™ made the Savvy Muscle Creme for Rusty Equestrians that is found in the second NF.edit subscription box. As riders, we have all felt the effects of a hard ride, a long day, an “expressive” horse, an unplanned dismount, or simple arthritis. Some of us feel it in our knees or hands; I feel it in my lower back and my right shoulder. Most equestrians I know solve this problem with a steady intake of ibuprofen. Take two or three and you’re good to go for a few more hours.

Aches and pains are just part of our equestrian life, right?

The truth is a steady diet of ibuprofen is not a good idea (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aka NSAIDs, are hard on the stomach). If you find yourself reaching for pain meds on a daily basis, this may be a sign you need to find another solution. I found myself in this exact situation, and that led us to bring our flagship product, Savvy Muscle Creme for Rusty Equestrians, to market. With the consistency of a lotion, Savvy is non-greasy, goes on smoothly and smells like peppermint.

Key ingredients include:

  • Arnica (an herb that reduces swelling and decreases pain)
  • MSM (a plant-based chemical that reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation)
  • Aloe Juice (antioxidant and soothes achy muscles)
  • A variety of Essential Oils including:
    • Eucalyptus (reduces pain and inflammation)
    • Peppermint (natural pain killer and muscle relaxant)
    • Black Pepper (warming, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic) and more!

Using Savvy twice a day has made a tremendous difference in my life, and for many who are using it. I have heard from arthritis sufferers, as well as those who carry tension in their necks and shoulders, and even those who have sore knees and arms. It’s no wonder this is our #1 best-selling product!

A Beautiful Formula

Diamonds in the Dirt™ all started quite innocently. I just read the label of the lip balm I was using. It was a common brand you can find at any store, and I liked it well enough. Until I read the label. It was full of awful things – things I couldn’t pronounce. And things that sounded suspiciously like petroleum. Ewww. On. My. Lips. That meant it was going in my mouth! There had to be a better option.

Since I had recently left my corporate job as president of a marketing agency, I had time. So in addition to putting in some serious barn time, I set out to make my own lip balm – from scratch. Unscented, unflavored, just a great, conditioning lip balm. How hard can that be, right?

"We’re excited to be part of the green beauty movement. and we’re finding that equestrians are looking for down to earth, common sense solutions like these."

So I did my research, bought organic and plant-based ingredients, and started cooking. Ultimately, I developed a recipe that I loved better than anything else I could find – and yes, I have tried nearly every lip balm available, including the very expensive ones! And thus, Nuzzle Hydrating Lip Balm, for weathered women, was born.

Sarah Donnell, Co-founder Diamonds in the Dirt. Photography courtesy of Sarah Donnell.

This success led me to think I could develop other products to replace what I was currently using in my skin care routine. I don’t wear make-up, and I’ve never spent a lot of time on personal care. I simply have more important things to spend time and money on – like riding! So after consulting with my sister, Ruth Madeja,(also an equestrian), whose career has been in the cosmetics industry, we developed three pillars around which to build a product line:

  1. Simple formulas
  2. Organic and natural ingredients
  3. Earth-friendly packaging

And now, our brand Diamonds in the Dirt™ has more than a dozen products, all developed specifically for people who spend a lot of time outdoors – like equestrians. The emphasis of all our products is on hydrating and protecting. And while equestrians are foremost in our minds as we develop products, the truth is these are wonderful for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the elements.

Ruth and I have been developing more products that solve everyday problems we experience as equestrians. There are two in particular that I’m excited about, but I can’t tell you yet. They are still in development and we hope to bring them to market next year. We’re excited to be part of the green beauty movement. and we’re finding that equestrians are looking for down to earth, common sense solutions like these.

Additional photography by Danica Taylor.

Written by Sarah Donnell

Sarah has decades of experience working with large and small businesses providing marketing, strategy, business development, and communications consulting and services. She and her sister, Ruth Madeja, co-founded Diamonds in the Dirt, a skin care company offering products designed specifically for women who spend a lot of time outdoors.