My Morning Routine: At Home With Alex Crown

My Morning Routine: At Home With Alex Crown

Whether you're a stay-at-home rider or an Olympian, we all have daily routines that make us feel good. Barefoot and coffee in hand, we're joining amateur show jumper Alex Crown at her home in Wellington, Florida.

"My life revolves around riding and school at University of Miami, which keeps me busy enough. I never really have time in the mornings (mainly because I can’t make myself wake up early enough), so it’s important for me to have a routine that’s simple and easy to follow. I have tried to take inspiration from my mom, who has always had amazing skin and always stressed to me the importance of taking care of myself!

If I’m not showing, I’ll normally wake up around 7 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. and go to the barn around 8 a.m. I’ll lay in bed for about 30 minutes. I have Truffle and cuddle with him for awhile because he’s the sweetest dog in the world.

I’m trying to meditate. I just downloaded the app Headspace. I was talking to my friend Hattie Gilpin and she was saying it really helped her mind. I don’t have a long attention span, so it’s nice that you can choose how long you want to meditate. I did one little session as I was laying in bed, and I really liked it since they talk you through it. It’s worth a shot. I’m kind of ready to do anything to get my mind on lock because that’s the hardest part about riding — keeping your brain together.

I work out with a trainer, her name is Kali Cram, and she comes to my house and tortures me for an hour. I have a bad shoulder, so I do a lot of strength training for my shoulder, balance work, and core work. Kali is this tiny, small girl from the south and the most fit person you’ve ever seen. She does everything — cardio, interval-training, weights, resistance, and Pilates. On days I need to stretch, we’ll focus more on that. I have her come three days a week when I’m in school, and when I’m not, four days a week. When she comes here, we’ll do work in the back yard or the little gym. On the days we don't work out at my house, [Cali and] I workout at Limitless Performance.”

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My skincare routine is very basic — I’m too tired to go into depth with anything. I use Naturally Serious Gentle Cream Cleanser from June Jacobs. They’re whole ingredients and I find it’s really gentle on my skin. My skin is pretty picky so when I try something new, it normally hates it and gets really dry. When I flew back from Europe, my skin was really dry and that’s when I started using her line — it saved my face.

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I use Image Skincare’s Clear Cell Gel Cleanser on days I feel like my face is more dirty. I got it from a woman down here who does facials at Wellington European Day Spa. I find it really works since it’s a little tougher on your skin. It’s a gel cleanser with salicylic acid in it. So when I get back from the barn, I use it. I normally have pretty good skin but sometimes I'll get some bumps on my forehead from my helmet, especially in Florida. I’ve been using this brand for six years now — I’m really loyal to brands.

The moisturizer I use every day is also from the June Jacob’s Naturally Serious line — the Anti-Pollution Repair Cream. My skin gets dry from the sun down here, and this really helps moisturize my skin and it’s not thick.

If I have any spots that are pimples — I actually stole this Clindamycin solution from my mom, but it’s from Dr. Joel Kassimir in New York City. It feels very acidic and stops anything from appearing. It’s not the most appealing bottle, but this really helps. If I have a red spot, I’ll put it on there.

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I have Dr. Temt Purity Corrective Treatment which also has a little color in it, so I’ll use it to cover up any spots. It’s a corrective treatment with color, but you can keep it unblended overnight.

I use sunscreen from European Day Spa, it’s by SkinCeuticals. It’s sheer, SPF 50, and super light when it goes on. I hate a greasy feeling and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen. My mom’s ingrained in me to always put sunscreen on. Her skin is beautiful. Every day growing up we were always putting on sunscreen.

I use mascara and that’s all the makeup I wear unless I’m going out or to a really nice dinner. I’m very lazy with makeup. Too Faced Better Than Sex is my favorite. I’m pretty lucky with my eyelashes though; they’re long. I don’t do anything to them.

On a show morning, I’ll put on my show clothes — I’m not one of those people who can change midday. I have to wear them from the morning even if I don’t show until, like, 2 p.m. I’m also riding throughout the day and get stressed out if I have to do a mid-morning change.

These Horse Pilot pants are so comfortable and are the only ones that come up to the right spot and feel tight enough. The fabric is super comfortable and it feels like I’m wearing leggings. I have two pairs for schooling and I wash them on repeat. My show breeches are Carma, an Italian brand. They’re the most flattering, especially since pants often look too big on me.”

And it's as simple as that! Feeling good in her own skin helps Alex make the most of every day.

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