Self-Care As An Equestrian: It's Time To Make It A Priority

Self-Care As An Equestrian: It's Time To Make It A Priority

It’s the beginning of a new era for Nöelle Floyd, and we’re just getting started. Inspired by a vision of uniting all equestrians - across disciplines, continents, and backgrounds - we’re on a mission to shake things up with big, bold ideas.

Ideas are great. Passion is even better. We’ve got both (in large quantities). But the question always remains, “how exactly do we do it?”

How do we create deeper and more meaningful connections among riders of all different experiences? Is it through fresh and forward-thinking editorial content, in-depth storytelling, and one of a kind videos - or is it through something more tangible? In true NF style, our answer is a resounding, ‘all of the above’.

Go big or go home, right?

One place we knew we had to start was bringing a little taste of the ‘treat yourself’ mentality to the humans of the horse world. A survey we released earlier this year, revealed that the majority of riders ranked self-care as one of their lowest priorities, day in and day out. That love for horses that unites us all also often drives us to put ourselves second.

But you know what? You work hard. You deserve better.

This thought sparked an idea, and the NF.edit was born - a quarterly subscription box for all equestrians, centered around your unique lifestyle and curated with exactly what you need. In the same way we’re crafting content that’s inspired by you and created specifically for you, we’re now bringing that über-personal touch right to your door.

Don’t let your self-care take a back seat. Treat yourself with the NF.edit:

Equestrian subscription boxes have been done before, but not like this. We took all the things you love about subscription boxes, ditched the blah, and put some serious thought into what you really want. You won’t find the halters and horse treats of traditional horse-themed subscriptions here, or the perfumes and lipsticks of the beauty boxes that end up collecting dust - this is all about you, and we totally get you and the life you live.

Items for your beloved four-legged partner are great, but with all the time and effort that you spend taking care of them, are you truly taking care of yourself? Taking a shower after coming home from the barn and wearing clean breeches do not self-care make. We’re talking about getting serious about the way you as a rider prepare, perform and recover (and maybe tossing a little luxe into the mix for good measure).

Photo by Thomas Reiner.

As riders, we work and travel long hours in less than ideal conditions, and let’s be honest - we’ve all probably forgotten to eat at least one meal during a busy show weekend. These are natural occurrences with an equestrian lifestyle, a lifestyle that we wouldn’t trade for anything, but we believe that success starts with self-care. Whether you’re riding in the grand prix or taking local lessons, riding is a physically and mentally demanding sport with its own set of unique realities.

Our curation speaks to much more than a collection of fun surprise products: it’s our effort to support riders with items that address the mind, body, and soul of all equestrians. Starting this September with the first NF.edit box, a thoughtful collection of products, inspired by - and personally recommended by come December - top athletes, equestrian icons, and self-care experts can arrive right to your doorstep and upgrade your life, without you having to lift a finger.

Don’t let your self-care take a back seat. Treat yourself with the NF.edit:

As the NF.edit evolves and expands, our hope is that you can connect with others and find your new must-haves, go-tos, and fave products and brands that speak to who you are as an equestrian.

Don’t let your self-care take a back seat. Treat yourself with the care you deserve, because the more balance and health you find, the happier and more successful you’ll be in the tack, which is how we all want to be.

Take care. Live well. Ride happy.

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Feature photo by Meghan Bacso