12 Thoughts Every Rider Has When Their Horse Comes in Lame

12 Thoughts Every Rider Has When Their Horse Comes in Lame

A couple of weeks ago, I was leading my gelding into his stall from the field. It was a normal day and he was totally happy and perky, but something stopped me in my tracks. 

Clip, clop, clip, cloppp, clip, cloppp. 

There it was. I didn’t even have to look, I could hear it just by his footfalls on the concrete. 


Sound. The. Alarm. I stopped, put him in the crossties, and for the next 5 minutes found myself in an emotional freefall. Now that I know he’s totally fine, I can laughingly present to you: The 12 Thoughts Every Rider Has When Their Horse Comes in Lame. 

  1. Oh… something’s not right. Hm. That’s weird. 
  2. Which leg is it? Front right. No. Wait. Front left? *Calls barn friend over* Do you see that? That, there. DID YOU SEE THAT WEIRD STEP?
  3. I think I’m imagining it. He always does this, I swear it’s just for attention. 
  4. What did (turnout mate’s name here) do to you?! What happened to you, my angel? Are you in pain?  
  5. Okay, okay. Calm down. This is probably an abscess! It’s definitely like, a stone bruise. Don’t get carried away. 
  6. Is there fill in that leg? Does his leg always look like that? Why do I obsessively take pictures of his boop-y nose but not his legs. There’s definitely fill in it. 
  7. Yes there’s fill in it. Omg he’s torn a suspensory. Or he’s blown his flexor tendon. How many months do those take to heal? WHAT IF HIS LEG IS BROKEN? 
  8. Okay I guess he’d be a little bit more lame if it was a broken leg. He did only take one funky step...
  9. Is it hot? No, it’s not hot. My hand is just hot. Because I’m hyperventilating. 
  10. Is the vet here yet? Oh wait, I haven’t called them. So no, they’re probably not here yet. When will Google come up with telepathic veterinary paging? Honestly, it’s 2022, people. 
  11. Oh, Susan’s vet is here! I wonder if she can take a peek so that I can go ahead and brace myself for the absolute worst case scenario haha it’s so fun in my brain!!!!
  12. *Cannot get horse to replicate lame step for the vet. Horse is deemed fine. Horse laughs in triumph as I am now too frazzled to even think about riding.*  

Just another day in horse paradise! 

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