Miriam Alden on Self Care, Competing With Others, and Why 'Babes Supporting Babes' Matters

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ne of Vancouver's prominent leisurewear lines is on a mission: uplift babes. All day, every day.

Miriam Alden's Brunette The Label offers ethically made, high quality, style-driven designs, but wearing BTL means you support its ethos 'babes supporting babes.'

For Miriam, "'Babes Supporting Babes' means that there’s room for everybody. Just because you’re working on yourself and growing yourself in this world doesn't mean there’s no space for other women, and it doesn't mean you can't support them. Our mission at both Brunette Showroom and Brunette The Label is to ‘create a community of babes that are empowered to cultivate what’s good in themselves and those around them’".

Noëlle Floyd's subscription box, the NF.edit, endeavors to do the same: encourage, empower, and connect riders to each other by creating a community of women who respect themselves and respect others. 

#WeAreAllBabes: Models from the March NF.edit 'Ride Like A Girl' photo shoot wearing the Brunette The Label 'Brunette' tee and exclusive NF.edit 'Hey Babe' Dusty Rose Sweatshirt. 

While Miriam spends her day focusing on the style and care of all the other babes in the world, we sat down with the CEO to chat about how success as a female entrepreneur has taught her about riding, self-care, and the power of saying 'no'. 

How to Be Competitive - Not Cutthroat

One of her founding slogans, 'Babes Supporting Babes', is the kind of spirit women in the equestrian space need. A rider herself, Miriam can relate to the competitive drive that can spiral into a cutthroat attitude all too quickly. 

Go behind the scenes of the March NF.edit photo shoot.

"I'm very proud and lucky to ride at a barn full of amazing, supportive and uplifting people who don't focus on competing against each other. I think that's because as a team, from our coaches to the riders, we have such a positive environment.

That being said, of course, we all want to do well and are in this sport to be competitive, but I think to be supported you have to be supportive. 

I think creating a positive environment where riders support one another and lift each other up is very important to everyone’s well-being.

Looking at it from my personal perspective, I'm not overly competitive in the ring but definitely try to better myself. I work on improving each round and try to learn from the bad ones, and that really comes with changing my mindset. I've tried to change my mindset as I feel it's my job to be a good partner with my horses, so I really resonate with the word 'uplifting' in that sense. They carry so much of us, so I feel I need to be that uplifting person to my horse. I have a pretty high-stress level so sometimes it's impossible, but I do really try to just have fun and use this time to connect to my horse and myself.

I think creating a positive environment where riders support one another and lift each other up is very important to everyone’s well-being - and. in turn. everyone’s performance!"

How to #RideLikeAGirl

"I have always been proud to compete at a sport on equal ground with men. That being said, when I hear the term 'like a girl' I associate girls and women with strength and therefore I find it an inspiring term. #RideLikeaGirl gives me strength and makes me feel like all women riders are here at the same time, supporting each other."

Curious about the NF.edit? Elevate your self-care journey now.

How BTL Wears At The Barn

"Honestly, I wear a Brunette sweatshirt almost daily. And I know that sounds like such a plug, but it’s not. I swear. We have several items that have this perfect fit which make them ideal for riding, such as our Middle Sister Crew sweatshirt with it’s wider, cropped body. And with my Josephine jacket on top.

Another interjection here – a good number of our fits and products are named and based around my family, friends and fur babies. We have a little sister and big sister crew, too. I simply couldn't resist the opportunity to honor my loved by naming a sweatshirt after them. Ha! It’s the ultimate form of flattery. And I don’t really decipher between work clothes and riding clothes, so my barn mates always give me a hard time. Lovingly, of course. Cheetah prints, vintage pieces, anything goes for me."

How to Own Your Self Care

"Lately, I have been trying to be okay with the word 'no' as a self-care habit. I am a 'yes' person by nature so I can burn myself out by being everything, and everywhere.

Riding for me is also a self-care habit. It's my outlet, and my place of serenity, so I am trying to create a structured schedule to make sure I can get out there as much as possible when I am not traveling. I feel so lucky to love a sport that I have been able to grow with, and that has been different things to me at different times in my life.

#RideLikeaGirl gives me strength and makes me feel like all women riders are here at the same time, supporting each other.

Having something you love (especially other than work) that you can cultivate and grow with is really special. Overall, my horses' well being is my number one priority and I can’t be a good horse mom when I am stressed and disconnected, so sleep is another important self-care habit of mine, as well as family time. I also usually try to sit with my thoughts at the end of the day and regroup from all the challenges and amazing things that have happened that day.

My business is 10 years old this year, and I have always felt bad if I went for lunch or took a holiday without working, so this year I am working on this thing called work-life balance'. Wish me luck!"   

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Photography by Heather Fulbright Grambergs and photographed by Brit Gill at Thunderbird Show Stables.